Railway  Wagon & Freight Wagon Equipment FMC Draw-Hook and Screw-Coupling for Freight Wagons & Railway Draw-Bar

drawbar for freight wagon

Draw-Hook and Screw-Coupling Manufacturing
Railway Wagons & Freight Wagons coupler combinations

We are capable of providing design services to our customers by means of 3D design softwares. Designs made according to the requirements and expectations of our customers are produced as a prototype first and then in serial production conditions upon getting the approval of our customers.

Sheet Metal and Profile Processing Combined of CNC Laser, NC Bending presses, NC shears, Band and circular saws, and pipe bending machines

20 Welding stations, EN 287-1 certified welders
the most important step of welded manufacturing is welding robots. We do not compromise on speed, quality and efficiency.

Surface preperation by degreasing and sand blasting prior to the painting. Conveyor equipped spray booths for surface coating When requested by the customers, cataphoresis treatment operation is also made through our suppliers.

We make the assembly of various components such as interior&exterior trimming components, operator seat, air conditioning, etc. at our flexible assembly lines according to demands of our customers. Deliveries are made after completing the visual inspections, electricity and functionality tests, and water proof tests.   -   see our references

ISO 9001:2000 - ISO 14001
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About Us
FMC Hydraulic commenced the production of spare parts for hydraulic cylinders in 2005. Today, we proceed to serve to the industry by using the latest technology in our plant which is combined of 8.000 mē closed and 6.000 mē open area. We are mainly specialized in production of First step was machining and selling of spare parts which have forged by our forging facility. Adding up the new machines and assembly unit to the production line, FMC has also started to produce and sell hydraulic cylinders. Today, with its qualified employee and flexible production capability, FMC committed to fulfill high requirements on growing competence, quality and reliable delivery to ensure good and trustworthy relation with its customers

To be come a leader and prefable company in the market, to produce quality and competitive products in the world marked through using every kind of sources efficiently and productively.
" Equivalent endurance in quality and speed" To produce quality products which are competitive in the world market through using our available every kind of source efficently and productivelyi Placing certain customer satisfaction conscious, and continuous improvement,While producing, to give being respectful to environment understanding to our all personel, To provide contribution of all personel to quality developing and continuously improvement studies through "Quality is everybody's job" understanding. To provide having pirinciple of our all personnel to "The quality is not checked but produced" understanding,Under light of determined quality objects and continuously improvement mission, to do studies for decreasing costs, increasing productivity and profitability and placing this as a company culture.

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Our Productions
Freight Wagons Draw-Hook
freight wagon draw-hook
Drawbar Couplings
drawbar couplings
Scrawbar for Railway & Freight Wagons
freight wagons scrawbar

Screw Couplings-Wagon
Screw couplings - Railway Wagon
Screw Coupling for Freight Wagon
screw coupling for freight wagon

Hydraulic Cylinders
hydraulic cylinders

The Hot Metal Forging Manufacturing

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